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Ask younger!Laya by gabygirl09 Ask younger!Laya :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 Different time Era's, #squadmeme  by gabygirl09 Different time Era's, #squadmeme :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 Creating a rift in time by gabygirl09 Creating a rift in time :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 Dont mess with her. by gabygirl09 Dont mess with her. :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 1 1 Untitled by gabygirl09 Untitled :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0
Im sorry chap. 2
Laya decided she was safe, letting her large feathery wings loose. She was an angel but she liked hiding the fact. She drowned on her trip to the beach, being over swept by a wave. She somehow managed to convince god to give her a second chance. She looked at her wings and gasped. Her feathers were turning gray and falling off.
Ali was rubbing her sore neck, it had been bitten by something in her sleep. She looked up at the news, then tears formed in her eyes. It showed a picture of what used to be Layas house, now just ashes. She thought her bff was dead, until the news was showing a video of seeing her dash off. "*sigh* at least shes not dead." Ali said. She walked into her bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, seeing two large bite marks on her neck.  She bandaged it, then started to get dressed. When she was done she walked down stsirs grabbed a chewy bar and went to school. The school bullies started laughing at her, just for the bandaid she had around her
:icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0
Im sorry chapter 1
As Laya walked down the street all she could of was laughing. Not normal laughing, but manic laughing. She didn't like it. It started bugging her, then when she turned the key to unlock her house it stops. She was super tired, Middle School was hard. Especially since she was being bullied  because of her sexuality. Even if it was her birthday they didn't care. She instantly starts sleeping as soon as she hits the bed.
Someone had snuck into her house,  taking anything that looks expensive. They put it all in a large white van. They took a match and set the the sun room on fire. They looked in Layas room and saw a sad and tired girl. They picked her up and put her on their bright green grass, seeing that everyone else looks happy. As the house burned and screams were heard Laya sat there asleep. Her parents looked out there window and saw Laya on the lawn and banged on the window as hard as they could. But she couldn't hear a thing, she h
:icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? by gabygirl09 HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 Cuz were fabulous! by gabygirl09 Cuz were fabulous! :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 You messed up. by gabygirl09 You messed up. :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0 Holy crap. by gabygirl09 Holy crap. :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0
The Painting girl inspired by creepy pasta and cw
One day a 10 year girl named Lola Heart struck created a painting so ugly that every one had decided to run her out of town. She went to the woods to hide she had a choice starve or die. She choose to paint. soon she went insane. She took out her eyes and cut off her fingers. She soon bled to death... But something wasn't right. Her soul was forced to stay on earth. Now she is forced to take the eyes and fingers off people and turn them to juice and paint. This story was inspired by creepy pasta and chibi works.
:icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 0 0
20160623 175053 by gabygirl09 20160623 175053 :icongabygirl09:gabygirl09 4 2


Welcome to Forest of Fertility
The Forest of Fertility is an enchanted wood, whose legacy and reputation has been steeped in lore of all people for centuries.  Most claim it as a mere fairy tale, a hoax to keep the youth, mainly the girls, from going off into the woods to experiment with drugs or sex.  But others believe the place truly exists, rumors of its exact location have been ciculating for years.  One group believes it exists in a remote location in Africa, another claim they've been there and that it exists in Ireland, but with no proof, the rumors go on and on, debated and mocked.  However, young, naive girl named Roxy is about to discover the truth.
Roxy, like so many of us, was a quiet and shy girl, of whom had little self-esteem.  What little she had was often stomped out by the bullies of her school.  Unable to take any more of their tormenting lies about her, Roxy left her school and never looked back.  Roxy didn't have much to go h
:iconbellybabe22:BellyBabe22 439 32
Giveaway 1/4: A Truly Angelic Sensation by DrakaNoms Giveaway 1/4: A Truly Angelic Sensation :icondrakanoms:DrakaNoms 408 22 Vena's Glob Adoptables | Page 1 by Venatari Vena's Glob Adoptables | Page 1 :iconvenatari:Venatari 106 52
Vore rp anyone?
We can do any scenario you can think of this time. Follow these guidelines and I'm sure we can make something work!
What I enjoy!
Burping (whether it be nurping with the prey in the gut or burping out clothes or remains)
Fatal (Nonfatal drags on, but I may make an exception if the idea interests me. If you don't enjoy fatal, the prey can be revived or the digestion can be implied)
Same sized and half sized vore. I will do Macro x micro, though I strongly prefer these two types of vore.
Soft oral or unbirth. (Unbirth will have to go to notes or another app. I'm not getting banned)
Full tour (It will end in absorption if we do this)
Humanoid Preds (I strongly prefer preds to be somewhat humanoid. I will rp with non humanoid preds, but humanoids are my fave!
Do note that when I do play pred, I will likely have these factors in so let me know if you don't want something in the rp
Things I will not do!
Scat or piss
18 + in comments. (Note me or check my kik, tumblr, or skype)
Hard vore (A l
:iconanonymousxx2:AnonymousXX2 5 127
Splatoon - The Rollering by SrPelo Splatoon - The Rollering :iconsrpelo:SrPelo 1,646 174 The one wish 8 by Vale-city
Mature content
The one wish 8 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 386 3
preditor 9 by Vale-city preditor 9 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 549 25
Mature content
A girl and her meal :iconsibon13:sibon13 180 21
Critical Role Naked Vax by Takayuuki
Mature content
Critical Role Naked Vax :icontakayuuki:Takayuuki 45 5
Ey Wake Me Up Inside by Batsu13angel Ey Wake Me Up Inside :iconbatsu13angel:Batsu13angel 76 15 Frisk Has a Strange Sense of Humor by Batsu13angel Frisk Has a Strange Sense of Humor :iconbatsu13angel:Batsu13angel 122 30 Comic Sans 2 - GEEETTTT DUNKED ON by BabyAbbieStar Comic Sans 2 - GEEETTTT DUNKED ON :iconbabyabbiestar:BabyAbbieStar 492 74 TF2-- Piss and Lemonade by MrDataTheAwesome TF2-- Piss and Lemonade :iconmrdatatheawesome:MrDataTheAwesome 103 67 Safe in Space by mikemaihack Safe in Space :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 307 41 New Life PG21 by GZ-studio New Life PG21 :icongz-studio:GZ-studio 154 54



Ask younger!Laya
I'm bored, and have nothing else to do.
The almighty serial killer.....Used to wear pigtails.
Womder why she stopped wearing them.......
Different time Era's, #squadmeme
So draw your BFF and you in different time era's. It's not that good but hey! I tried.
Creating a rift in time
This is a alternate ending to my story... Which isn't finished yet but....meh enjoy.....
Dont mess with her.
So this is a redesign of my life oc, Lola. She's still eyeless. Now she uses a scythe and has her hands.
I dont have the original pic of her, so here is the updated.
Age: 17
Race: african American.
Loves: her scythe, the woods, being alone.
Hates: anyone. Not being in the woods,


No journal entries yet.


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